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Hull Street Action Working Groups

After receiving valuable feedback from the community, Hull Street Action has created working groups to find solutions that will improve economic vitality, increase safety, beautify the corridor and strengthen relationships within the community.

Working groups are open to the public and we welcome participation from everyone interested in building up Hull Street.

Economic Development Working Group

The Economic Development Working Group will focus on activities that builds a strong and diverse economic base for Hull Street. This includes advocating for the business community, finding ways to attract new businesses and collaborating with residents to create equitable development.

This working group will focus on:

  • Housing
  • Merchants/Retail
  • Tax incentives
  • Parking
  • City ordinances

Design & Infrastructure Working Group

The Design & Infrastructure Working Group will focus on placemaking and shaping the physical and natural environment of Hull Street. Members of this group will look at traffic calming solutions, stormwater management, sustainable solutions and artscapes to beautify and modernize the corridor.

This working group will focus on:

  • Traffic
  • Stormwater management
  • Art
  • Green spaces
  • Beautification
  • Trash/litter

Community Engagement Working Group

The Community Engagement Working Group will focus on building coalitions between residents, merchants, organizations, faith-based groups and developers. This group will focus on facilitating communication and finding ways to use Hull Street as a bridge that builds trust between various communities.

This working group will focus on:

  • Events/festivals
  • Youth outreach
  • Residential services
  • Civic associations
  • Communications platform – blog/news

History & Culture

The Hull Street corridor has a rich history that should be acknowledged, documented and shared. With all work done through the working groups and Hull Street Action, we should look through a lens that celebrates and not erase the rich culture of Hull Street. This will help inform how we shape our identity and the future of the Hull Street corridor.


All the work we do at Hull Street Action will be underscored by ongoing advocacy efforts. There are current challenges that must be addressed by the city where we must ask for changes to be made through policy. Our aim is to create a space that’s welcoming of diverse opinions and find solutions we can bring forth to city leadership to resolve issues.

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